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Charge Sensitive Preamplifier for Radiation Detectors

CUBE is a monolithic charge sensitive preamplifier which operates in pulse reset mode. With an external resistor, a continuous reset mode is also possible.

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Digital Pulse Processor for Spectroscopy - DPP

DANTE is a versatile digital acquisition system specifically designed for X-ray spectroscopy application.

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XGLab Solutions


XGLAB offers Custom ASICs development from the Schematic and Layout design to Production, Wafer-level testing and Long-term supply.

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XGLAB develops custom analytical instrumentation (XRF, XRD, Raman, NIR) for applications like Art & Conservation, Mining or Material Research in general.

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News & Events

XGLab Partecipates at 2019 APS/CNM User Meeting

XGLab participates at 2019 APS/CNM User Meeting taking place in Argonne, Illinois, USA, from the 6th to the 10th May...

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XGLab Partecipates at 68th annual Denver X-RAY Conference

XGLab participates at 68th annual Denver X-ray Conference taking place in Lombard, Illinois, USA, from the 5th to the 9th August...

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XGLab Partecipates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2019

XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2019 taking place in Manchester, UK, from the 26thOctober to the 2nd November...

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