XGLAB - A leading provider of innovative solutions for X and Gamma rays applications

XGLab is a leading provider of innovative readout electronics for radiation detectors and instrumentation for X and Gamma ray applications.

XGLab was started up in 2009 as a spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano, the university where Emilio Gatti – the inventor with Pavel Rehak of the Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) – held a full professorship in Electronics. Basing on the deep knowledge on radiation detection and nuclear electronics, XGLab keeps innovating the world of detectors and low-noise electronics for radiation sensing.

After the introduction of CUBE, the disruptive CMOS preamplifier for radiation detectors (e.g. SDD, HpGe), XGLab is now introducing DANTE, the Digital Pulse Processor for high count rate spectroscopy. DANTE enables faster analyses (OCR > 1MCps) over a wide energy range (50ev – 40keV) with the best-in-class spectral purity performance.

Future advances in material and life-science research will require new improvements in X and Gamma ray instrumentation.

XGLab’s mission is to develop innovative readout solutions to continuously challenge the state-of-the-art of radiation detection.

ASIC for Radiation Detectors

XGLAB offers a unique selection of Integrated Circuits for a wide range of Radiation Detectors (SDD, HpGe, Si-Pin, Si-Strips, etc.). Visit our IC products here.


Instruments for Research

XGLAB develop cutting-edge instrumentation for Material Research (Synchrotrons, Accelerators, Academia) and High-end Industrial applications. Find more here.

Custom ASIC Development

XGLAB offers Custom ASICs development from the Schematic and Layout design to Production, Wafer-level testing and long-term supply. Contact us.

Custom Analytical Instruments

XGLAB develops custom analytical instrumentation (XRF, XRD, Raman, NIR) for applications like Art & Conservation, Mining or Material Research in general. Contact us.

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