DANTE - The Digital Pulse Processor for X-Ray Spectroscopy

DANTE is a versatile digital acquisition system specifically designed for X-ray spectroscopy application.

Main characteristics

  • Availability: 1CH, 8CH and custom solutions upon requests
  • Pulse filtering: fixed trapezoidal
  • Low-energies: detection down to Beryllium (108eV) and Lithium (54eV)
  • Modular solution: easily extendable up to 32 channels by daisy chain
  • Special functionalities: Waveform scanner, Single Spectrum Mode, Mapping Mode, List Mode, Trigger/Gating mode combined list-waveform
  • System integration: SW libraries available for Windows & Linux. TANGO, EPICS, Python and LabView drivers available


  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • Low-energy micro-fluorescence X-ray spectroscopy (µ-XRF)
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS, XANES, EXAFS)
  • Ultra-Fast XRF elemental mapping
  • Multi-detector and/or multi-particle coincidence analysis

DANTE Schematic

DANTE Advanced Functionalities


Technical Data

Analog inputAC or DC coupling3V peak-to-peak
OffsetSW Selectable-1.5V to +1.5V
Digital Gain0.01-5
Peaking timeFixed trapezoidalfrom 32ns to 16us with 32ns step
Flat-topSW Selectable in step of 32ns32ns-0.48us
OCR vs ICRPeak Time = 32ns1.8Mcps @5Mcps
OCR vs. ICR linearityDead-time <70%within 3%
Time resolutionP2P1=ratio between the double peak and the single peak95ns
Mapping modeSpectra are switched automatically after a configurable interval or with a trigger inputDown to 1ms/spectrum (No dead time)
List ModeE1, E2,..., En, t1, t2,..., tn16bit resolution, 8ns resolution
SW LibraryWindows/LinuxC++ Library for x64 or x86 (requires Vista or newer, GCC 4.4.6 or newer)
System integrationcompatibility and/or driver availabilityTANGO, EPICS, Labview

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