XGCSA - The smallest Charge Sensitive Amplifiers for radiation detectors

The XGCSA are the new XGLAB’s family of Charge Sensitive Amplifiers designed to read different types of solid-state photodetectors with selectable polarity. They are available in two different package options, QFN12 (Q) and PSOIC16 (S) and cover three different detector capacitance ranges.

Main characteristics

  • Polarity: electrons or holes collection, selectable
  • Supply voltages: ±2.5 V and -6 V
  • Detector capacitance: see Table 1
  • Feedback capacitance: 50 fF / 150 fF / 500 fF
  • ENC: 25e- @ 1µs
  • Reset: continuous or pulsed


  • X and Gamma rays spectroscopy
  • Particle physics experiments
  • PIN diodes
  • CdTe or CZT detectors
  • High purity germanium detectors
  • Strip detectors


CSA Functional block Block Diagram

CSA functional block

CSA Package Options

Technical Data

CUBE VersionPolarityDetector capacitance [pF]Feedback capacitance [fF]
CSA099Both (selectable)3.0 - 10.050
CSA100Both (selectable)> 10.050
CSA102Both (selectable)3.0 - 10.0150/500 (selectable)
CSA103Both (selectable)>10.0150/500 (selectable)

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