DPP4553 - OEM Digital Pulse Processor Board for X-ray Spectroscopy

The DPP-4553 is a high-performance and low power digital pulse processor board developed to be easily integrated in OEM systems. It integrates state-of-the-art performance in a very compact form factor, enabling high count rate application (up to OCR=1.8Mcsp @ICR=5Mcps) as well as low element detection down to Beryllium and Lithium.

Main Features

  • Availability: PCB board
  • Physical Size: 10 cm x 5.8 cm
  • Preamplifier compatibility: continuous mode or pulsed-reset
  • Pulse filtering: fixed trapezoidal (minimum peaking time: 32 ns)
  • Multi-channel: daisy chain connection for synchronous acquisition
  • Special functionalities: Mapping Mode, List Mode, Gating mode


  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • In-line scanners
  • Defect inspection or quality control
  • Handheld instrumentation

DPP4553 Schematic

DPP4553 Spectroscopic Performances


DPP4553 Technical Data

VSSupply voltage±5V
Analog input range3 V peak-to-peak
Analog Input CouplingDC | AC
Digital InputSW selectable as gating or triggerCMOS-TTL compatible
Peaking timefixed trapezoidal filtering32ns - 16us (step of 32ns)
Flat-topSW selectable in step of 32ns32ns - 0.48us
Energy RangePreamp gain=5mV/keV0.050 keV - 40.00 keV
OCR vs. ICRPeak Time = 32ns; Flat-top = 64ns1.8Mcps @ICR 5Mcps
ICR linearityDead-time <70%3%
FWHM stabilityICR = up to 1Mcps±3eV @Mnkα
Peak position stabilityICR = up to 1Mcps<5eV @Mnkα
Communication interfaceUSB 2.0, Ethernet TCP100BaseTX (Optional)

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