CUBE Bias Boards - Discrete circuit boards for biasing the CUBE CMOS preamplifier

The CUBE Bias Boards are a set of off-the-shelf biasing boards developed to speed-up the integration process of the CUBE CMOS preamplifier family of XGLab. These boards allow to bias both the detector (SDD as standard, other detector upon request) and the CUBE preamplifier.

Main features

  • Power: it generates and filters the CUBE supply voltages.
  • Detector biasing: it provides filtering on the HV supply, and generates and filters LV and P+ bias voltages. Voltages can be tuned with several trimmers.
  • Reset:  it generates the reset signal to reset the preamplifier, as well as allowing an external reset triggering.
  • Buffer: it buffers and amplifies the CUBE output in order to drive a coax cable.


  • CMOS preamplifier biasing
  • SDD detector readout
  • Radiation detectors biasing and readout

Bias board versionDescriptionCUBE version compatibilityDimensions
XGL-CBB-1CH1-Channel Biasing boards for Detectors and CUBE for laboratory evaluationPRE_016, PRE_031, PRE_033, PRE_037, PRE_038, PRE_039, PRE_040, PRE_041, PRE_04295.00 mm x 75.00 mm
XGL-CBB-8CH8-Channel CUBE Bias BoardPRE_016, PRE_031, PRE_033, PRE_037, PRE_038, PRE_039, PRE_040, PRE_041, PRE_042133.50 mm x 82.30 mm
XGL-CBB-1CH_HIGHEND1-Channel high-end biasing board for Detectors and CUBE for OEM integrationPRE_1640.00 mm x 45.00 mm
XGL-CBB-1CH-COMPACT1-Channel Bias board for Detectors and CUBE compatible with T08 packagePRE_16, PRE_3359.62 mm x 17.00 mm

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