VERDI - Multi-channel Analog Readout for Radiation Detectors

VERDI is a multi-channel ASIC capable of reading out different type of radiation detectors (SDD, PMT, Si (Li) etc.) with both positive and negative signal polarities. The circuit includes 8 channels, each one composed by a Charge Sensitive Amplifier (CSA), a Shaping Amplifier, a Baseline Holder, a Peak Stretcher, and an output buffer.

Main Features

  • Availability: bare die, QFP120, QFN80
  • Physical size: 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm x ?? mm (bare die), 28 mm x 28 mm x 4 mm (QFP120), 12 mm x 12 mm x  0.8mm (QFN80)
  • Reset: pulsed or continuous (with external zero-network)
  • Mode: Normal, Low-Power (multiplexed output) or shut down
  • Power consumption: 170 mW in low-power mode and 3mW in shut down mode


  • Front-end JFET readout for radiation detector application
  • Multi-element X and Gamma-ray detectors readout
  • Nitrogen-cooled Ge and Si(Li) detectors, Silicon drift detectors (SDDs), Scintillation Detectors, Photomultipliers Tubes, etc.

VERDI Schematic

VERDI where to use

VERDI Technical Data

Positive Supply Voltage, VDDSupply Voltage+1.7 V
Nevative Supply Voltage, VSSSupply voltage-1.7 V
CurrentLow-power mode52 mA
CSA compatibilitypolarity e-/h+ collection
CSA compatibilityJFET gm2-45mS
CSA compatibilityJFET Cgs0.45 - 25pF
CSA CompatibilityCfeedback0.050pF - 10pF
CSA compatibilityCdetector0.2pF-39pF
CSA gain scaleConfigurable by SPI20mV - 300mV
Threshold voltage for reset, THR_PREInternally selectable or by external partitionfrom -1.5V to +1.5V
SHAPING TIMEConfigurable by SPI0.25us, 0.5us, 0.75us, 1.0us, 2.0us, 4.0us, 6.0us, 8.0us
Baseline Holder, BLHConfigurable by SPINot active, High side, Low side, Low and High side
Buffer OutputConfigurable by SPIRC waveform, Semi-Gaussian shaper, Peak stretcher waveform, GND

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