Bruker and XGLab for Art Conservation
On April 13th, XGLab SRL and Bruker Elemental announce a Marketing Cooperation in United States for ELIO in the Art Conservation instrument Market. The ELIO provides a very small spot analysis and will be positioned between Bruker’s Tracer handheld/portable XRF and Bruker’s semi-portable laboratory systems (Artax and M6).
Bruker Elemental sees the XGLab ELIO as a complementary analytical tool to its large installed Handheld Tracer EDXRF customer base at museums, galleries, auction houses and conservation laboratories throughout the United States.

For more information, please contact:

Jerry Sooter, Marketing Manager, Bruker Elemental, Kennewick, Washington, USA,, 1-509-9850 x 262.

Michele Gironda, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, XGLab S.R.L., Milano, Italy,, +39-02-49660460

Nicholas C. Barbi, CEO PulseTor LLC, 1580 Reed Road C2 Pennington, NJ 08534 USA,, ELIO is distributed exclusively in North America by PulseTor LLC.

XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2018
XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2018 taking place in Sydney, Australia, from the 10st to the 17th November 2018.

XGLab participates at EXRS 2018
XGLab participates at XGLab participates at EXRS 2018 taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 24st to the 29th June 2018.

XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2017
XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2017 taking place in Atlanta, USA, from the 21st to the 28th October 2017.

XGLab sponsor of ICOM CC 2017
XGLab is sponsor of ICOM CC 2017 taking place in Copenhagen (DK) on 4th-8th September 2017.

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