XGLab in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500!
XGLab has been appointed by Deloitte as one of the Technology Fast 500!

“This award recognizes the ability of XGLab to translate into products the scientific know-how of its founders. This capacity is not obvious for anyone who makes its way in the market starting from the research environment. The entrepreneurial mindset of the founders of XGLab, combined with the technical skills of their employees, makes it possible today to launch high-tech innovative products of high quality.

Performance, uniqueness and innovation. These are the guidelines for all present and future XGLab.

Another key factor for the success of these early years is undoubtedly the company's international vocation. Today more than 90% of the turnover comes from abroad. XGLab maintains business relations with a number of large international firms that use our products in key areas of their core business. XGLab doesn't just sell a product, it designs and integrates it right in the heart of the activity or the product of the customer, generating a strong added value. This process is the basis of solid technical and commercial relationships.

We interpret this reward as the starting point of a long and brilliant adventure.”

Tommaso Frizzi,

XGLab’s Chief Executive Officer

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XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2018
XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2018 taking place in Sydney, Australia, from the 10st to the 17th November 2018.

XGLab participates at EXRS 2018
XGLab participates at XGLab participates at EXRS 2018 taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 24st to the 29th June 2018.

XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2017
XGLab participates at IEEE NSS-MIC 2017 taking place in Atlanta, USA, from the 21st to the 28th October 2017.

XGLab sponsor of ICOM CC 2017
XGLab is sponsor of ICOM CC 2017 taking place in Copenhagen (DK) on 4th-8th September 2017.

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