Compact SDD Pulsed Reset Preamplifier-Bias Board

State-of-the-art Pulsed-reset Charge-preamplifier with outstanding spectroscopic performances, optimized for Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) with integrated front-end JFET. The unit provides all the voltages required for the detector biasing.


  • Top-level spectroscopic resolution: down to 123eV (<4 e-) @ Mn-Kα 1µs shaping time
    (tested with a 10 mm2 Droplet SDD).
  • The advanced pulsed-reset system allows a very low degradation of the energy resolution at high counting rate: < 4eV at 100kcps @ Mn-Kα
  • High peak stability up to high counting rate: < 0.1% at 150kcps
  • Very high bandwidth: rise time < 50ns
  • Internally or externally triggered pulsed-reset is available
  • Power supply required: -24V, +12V, -150V, Peltier-cooler bias current
  • XGL-PS-3100 available: automatic power supply unit (for single or multiple detector systems)
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