ELIO - Portable ED-XRF Spectrometer

X ray detectors CCD electronics custom applications gamma detection

Products of XGLab are VLSI circuits, electronics functional boards and stand-alone instruments for applications in the field of radiation detection and imaging:

  • XGL-SPCM-8100: High-performances compact

    X-ray spectrometer

    equipped with a

    Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

    and the XGL-CPA-2100 charge preamplifier.

  • XGL-CPA-2100: State-of-the-art Pulsed reset

    Charge Preamplifier

    with outstanding spectroscopic performances, optimized for

    Silicon Drift Detectors

    (SDDs) with integrated front-end JFET

  • XGL-MCSH-3100: A complete

    Multi-Channel Analyzer

    equipped with a

    shaping amplifier

    and a USB interface to PC, optimized for

    Silicon Drift Detectors


  • XGL-MCSH-3400: Complete

    Multi-Channel Analyzer


    Shaping Amplifier

    for 4 independent acquisition channels optimized for 'XRF

    Elemental Mapping

    ' applications

  • XGL-CCD-1400:


    multi channel, configurable

    , FPGA based, linear

    CCD electronics acquisition system

    : 4 channels for each module configurable in a master-slave chain, adaptable to multiple

    CCD detectors

    types and vendors, with USB connection and Windows-based control software.

  • Vacuum SDD Spectrometer:

    State-of-the-art, vacuum compatible, X Ray spectrometer.

Among the services, XGLab can offer the design and production of custom instrumentation for specific applications.

Bruker and XGLab for Art Conservation
XGLab SRL and Bruker Elemental announce a Marketing Cooperation in United States for ELIO in the Art Conservation instrument Market.
XGLab at TECHNART 2015
XGLab is an exibitor at TECHNART 2015, April 27 – 30, Catania, Italy
We usually detect X Rays...
...this time we are looking for ray of lights to enlight the lives of the children.
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