Gamma Detection and Medical Imaging

XGLab, in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano, develops sophisticated Gamma ray detection systems. The high-tech expertise of XGLab combined to the state of the art reasearch of the Politecnico di Milano’s group results in unique instrumentation.

We develop Gamma Cameras for Medical Imaging applications, based on high performance radiation detectors, insensible to magnetic fields (suitable for integration in magnetic resonance). XGLab takes care of the complete system, from the detection to the software control.
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As a reference of state of the art gamma cameras, see the "HiCam" case ( The goal of the HiCam project (supported by EC under contract LSHC-CT-2006-037737), is the development of a new Anger camera for clinical and research environments and specific applications where high overall spatial resolution and system compactness are required.

Hi-cam   Lymphoscintigraphy
HiCam 10x10 detection head with NUFI LEUHR collimator mounted. Image of the lymphoscintigraphy to localize the sentinel node. Left acquisition is performed with a standard gamma camera, the arrows indicate the two visible nodules. Same patient acquired with HICAM is shown on the right, the arrows indicate the three visible nodules.
Bruker and XGLab for Art Conservation
XGLab SRL and Bruker Elemental announce a Marketing Cooperation in United States for ELIO in the Art Conservation instrument Market.
XGLab at TECHNART 2015
XGLab is an exibitor at TECHNART 2015, April 27 – 30, Catania, Italy
We usually detect X Rays...
...this time we are looking for ray of lights to enlight the lives of the children.
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