High-performances compact X-ray spectrometer equipped with a SDD and the XGL-CPA-2100 charge preamplifier. Fan, water or passive heat-dissipation means can be chosen as heat removing systems. A complete spectroscopic system can be set-up by simply including (optionally) the XGL-MCSH-3100 and a XGL power supply.


  • Top performances SDD with active area from 5mm2 to 100mm2.
  • Equipped with the state-of-the-art Pulsed-reset Charge-preamplifier XGL-CPA-2100.
  • Optionally includes the XGL-MCSH-3100 and the XGL POWER SUPPLY to set-up a complete stand-alone X-ray spectroscopic system.
  • Several types of input thin window for detection down to Carbon.
  • On chip collimator for high detection solid angle.
  • User Interface and control software on Windows OS.
  • Libraries available for easy interface with all instruments.
  • Very compact design, plug&play, no liquid nitrogen cooling required.
  • Top performances can be obtained at <40°C room temperature (with optionally a simple fan for heat removing).
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