High-performances compact X-ray spectrometer equipped with a SDD and the XGL-CPA-2100 charge preamplifier. Fan, water or passive heat-dissipation means can be chosen as heat removing systems. A complete spectroscopic system can be set-up by simply including (optionally) the XGL-MCSH-3100 and a XGL power supply.


  • Top performances SDD with active area from 5mm2 to 100mm2.
  • Equipped with the state-of-the-art Pulsed-reset Charge-preamplifier XGL-CPA-2100.
  • Optionally includes the XGL-MCSH-3100 and the XGL POWER SUPPLY to set-up a complete stand-alone X-ray spectroscopic system.
  • Several types of input thin window for detection down to Carbon.
  • On chip collimator for high detection solid angle.
  • User Interface and control software on Windows OS.
  • Libraries available for easy interface with all instruments.
  • Very compact design, plug&play, no liquid nitrogen cooling required.
  • Top performances can be obtained at <40°C room temperature (with optionally a simple fan for heat removing).
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XGLab at TECHNART 2015
XGLab is an exibitor at TECHNART 2015, April 27 – 30, Catania, Italy
We usually detect X Rays...
...this time we are looking for ray of lights to enlight the lives of the children.
XGLab in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500!
XGLab has been appointed by Deloitte as one of the Technology Fast 500!